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Who is TVO?

Tootjavastutusorganisatsioon OÜ (or TVO, Producer Responsibility Organisation) is an association of active businesses established to discharge their obligations and help others discharge their obligations arising from the Packaging Act.

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Our vision is to increase the collection and recovery, by way of recycling, of packaging by raising the environmental awareness of businesses and the public, and by improving the efficiency of such collection and recovery systems.

Our mission is to discharge the obligations of our clients arising from the Packaging Act in such a way that it would benefit both parties and ensure maximum return and recovery rate of packaging waste.

Our activity is based on the Packaging Act and our activity licence is in a form of accreditation granted by the Minister of the Environment on 22 January 2009.

TVO accreditation directive (not translated)

Using the service fees paid by packaging companies we develop a packaging waste collection system which would be as convenient as possible and available to all people in Estonia.

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We care for the environment and make our contribution by promoting selective collection and recovering the maximum share of packaging waste by way of recycling.