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Information for Businesses

If your company imports packaged goods and/or packages products and sells these on the Estonian market, the company shall collect any packaging waste for the purpose of recycling. To establish the extent of one’s obligations, regular account is kept of packaging rounding to the nearest kilogram.

So that you could concentrate on your main activity and would not have to worry about the collection and recycling of packaging waste, TVO takes care of the activities related to the collection and recycling of packaging waste. The development of our service package is aimed at ensuring correct and convenient solutions.

So that our clients could solve any matters related to packaging waste in the best and economically most rational way, we provide you with any help needed, including:

  • establishment of a system for preparation of packaging reports and counselling thereof
  •  identification of the best possible solution for collecting packaging waste
  •  organisation of collection and recycling of packaging waste sold on Estonian market
  • submission of your packaging report to the packaging register